Survey Plan

Amount (USD)
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Basic Survey 500
Detailed Survey 500-1,000
Individual Survey of people in the company 500 / person
Compliance Survey 1,000-2,000
Reputation Survey 1,000-1,500
Group Company Survey 200 / company
Financial Survey Separate Quotation
Others Separate Quotation

About Survey Contents

1. Basic Survey

Investigate company registration information and basic information (including directors and shareholders), status of the company and business licenses.

2. Detailed Survey

Investigate the detailed information. Investigate the history of the founder before the company’s establishment and investigate the relationship with key business partners and other related parties (industry groups, politicians and military personnel, persons from religion field, ethnic minorities, relatives, business people.etc.).

3. Individual Survey of people in the company

Investigate personal information of the owner, executives and shareholders of the  company.

4. Compliance Survey

  1. Investigate whether companies and executives are listed on the US Exonomic Sanctions List (SDN List) before 2016.
  2. Investigate court, arrest, and criminal records of companies and executives.
  3. Investigate corporate and executive financial issues and bribes, financial troubles between companies and individuals.
  4. Investigate illegal transactions such as arms and drug trade, smuggling, money laundering, etc. of companies and executives.
  5. Investigate politicians, political parties, military officials, persons from religion field and ethnic minority related to commanies and executives.

5. Reputation Survey

Investigate rumors of companies and executives and reputations in the industry.
Unlike other survey methods, we investigate a wide range of information regardless of the relationship with the targeted party.

6. Group Company Survey

Investigate the business overview, officers and shareholder information of the subsidiaries.

7. Financial Survey

Obtain financial statements such as B/S, P/L, cash flow, etc.
Let us know which fiscal years you want, however financial statements may not exist for some years.

8. Others

Hold meetings and investigate according to the clients’ wants.

  1. It is impossible to investigate the data that only the business owners or managers know.
  2. It is prohibited by Myanmar law to investigate the people who are unrelated to the company and other matters relating to the detective / police works.


Survey Duration

4-7 weeks ( Set after difficulty level is confirmed by peliminary survey )

Payment Method

It will be set by the separate appointment.


We will enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at your request. Our survey specialists are already binded by the NDA which is managed by the person responsible for confidentiality.

We will redpond with flexible methods. Please consult with us.