FWP Research is a research company specializing in Myanmar

Close contact with Myanmar

Myanmar is a country where horizontal connections do the work. FWP Research has been sitting in Myanmar for 7 years. We have the ability to succeed because we have been closely attached to the field.

Full support from entrepreneurship to management

We can provide a consistent relationship from research in all fields, including market research, to management support such as recruitment. Unleash the full potential of your business.

Specialist of each department is enrolled

In addition to surveys, there are specialists of due diligence and corporate and executive training. Also, there are staff who can speak Japanese, English and Myanmar, so you can consult with ease.

Generate accurate results
from mass data


Researchers Throughout Myanmar


Registered Companies


Investigated Companies


Job Seekers


The Circulation of Companies Yearbook
Affiliates and specialists support businesses from various angles


Contact us

Experts support Myanmar advancement and management. Please feel free to contact us first.
We have staff who can speak Japanese / English / Myanmar.

    Myanmar Office
    • #316, 3rd Floor, Hledan Center, Kamayut Tsp, YANGON

    • +95-94-5210-2233

    Japan Office
    • 1-2-2 Botan, Koto-ku, Tokyo

    • +81-3-3641-8998