Corporate Survey

Compliance survey is very important in joint ventures, M & A and new transactions with Myanmar companies.
There is a limited amount of corporate information available from the other company, and it is unlikely that negative information will be given.
FWP Research uses a network of specialists in various fields to investigate compliance information such as illegal activities, illegal transactions, political involvement, relationships with specific individuals and reputation of the partner company.
There is no standardized procedure in compliance survey, so we will propose a proposal for each case after discussing the details of the investigation, the survey, project period and costs.

Survey results

Trading Company
General Contractor
Service Industry



We conduct internal investigations on whether local companies that we are considering as partners comply with laws and regulations.

Illegal transactions

Investigate whether the partner company is engaging in fraudulent transactions or crime.

Credit and Reputation

We conduct surveys from various perspectives, such as public reputation and credit surveys of partner companies.

Fast-growing fields

Trading Company

In Myanmar, wholesale and retail are the top 3 major industries. Although it was a long-regulated trading industry that was difficult to enter, foreign markets have become a hot spot for foreign companies following the easing of foreign capital restrictions in May 2018.

Financial Institution

From Japan, the three major banks, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Mizuho Bank, have branches in Myanmar. In Myanmar, the bank account holding ratio is 25% (FY2016), and there is plenty of room for growth in the financial markets.


The sector that can make the most of Myanmar’s “cheap and abundant labor force” is the manufacturing industry, a secondary industry. One of the factors that contributes to Myanmar’s serious nationality is its steady and rugged work, such as the sewing and shoemaking industries. This is an area that must be kept in mind as labor costs in neighboring countries are rising.

Automotive Industry

Starting with the deregulation of the trade industry in 2018, the trend in Myanmar, a used car powerhouse, has changed and the movement to introduce new cars has become active. Along with this, import / export and car maintenance are attracting attention as fields where there is ample room for growth depending on the method.

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