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Myanmar's first corporate databook

Myanmar Companies Yearbook Vol.1 summarizes company data by carefully selecting 1,000 companies from Myanmar taxpayer ranking companies, transparency ranking companies and prominent companies.

This book features 20 Myanmar businessmen, a government chart, a new law written by a lawyer, and a supplementary list of 1,000 income tax and commercial tax rankings and a list of corporate transparency rankings.

In publishing this book, we collected information through telephone interviews and company visits with the listed companies, and published this book with the cooperation of government-related organizations.

As a purchase benefit of this document, you can use the company information search on the Internet. You can easily search for company information, and you can also see companies that could not be included in this document and the latest company information. The online company information is also available in Japanese, so you can read the information of the 20 special business people in Japanese.


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