FWP Research is the first Japanese-affiliated research company in Myanmar  to support companies trying to enter the Myanmar market.

In Myanmar, which had long been closed and ruled by the military, conducting market and corporate research is essential. Myanmar is a country full of potential, but it is also a country with very strong horizontal connections because it was a closed country until recently. FWP Research was launched on the ground shortly after Myanmar’s democratization, and has continued to look into unstable aspects of Myanmar from within. The personal connections and skills attained meanwhile enable us to maximize the potential of Myanmar business.

We mainly focus on research into Myanmar, such as market research and corporate research, and we are unstable aspects of Myanmar the Myanmar business of Japanese companies, such as management consultancy and distribution of tools for disseminating information.

Our mission

  • We provide all services consistently and fully support the expansion and development of Japanese companies into Myanmar.
  • The participation of companies will increase the market value of both Japan and Myanmar.
  • Contribute to the world from an economic perspective with a global perspective and flexible ideas.

Please feel free to contact us for anything related to Myanmar

I received support from a situation where I couldn’t understand right or left as a project to start a new business in Myanmar was in progress. This company is a Japanese company closely related to Myanmar and I feel that it is a very reliable company.
Company: Truck sales center(トラック流通センター)

Sale & Marketing

The quality of the survey was high, and he read ahead and offered suggestions for content that was not well-verified.
Company: Asian Way Cooperative(アジアンウエイ協同組合)

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T. T.
Product Manager

The report has the information you want in a very easy-to-understand format, and you can move on to the next action smoothly. It will support not only the survey but also the business development, so I would like to take care of you in the future.

Miller, I.
Distribution Manager

We will support you from any stage