Market Research

Conduct a market research to determine how much profit can be expected for businesses considering to enter Myanmar.

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Corporate Survey

Conducts credit and compliance surveys of local companies in Myanmar. So far, we have surveyed 3500 companies.

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Business Matching

An essential part of entering Myanmar is to partner with local companies. Find a partner whose interests match.

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Databook Publishing

Published the first corporate yearbook in Myanmar. A must-have tool for entering Myanmar.

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Other Services

Due diligence by experienced lawyers and training by experts in corporate training and human resource development

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Please feel free to contact us for anything related to Myanmar

I received support from a situation where I couldn’t understand right or left as a project to start a new business in Myanmar was in progress. This company is a Japanese company closely related to Myanmar and I feel that it is a very reliable company.
Company: Truck sales center(トラック流通センター)

Sale & Marketing