Market Research

Knowing the market size, competitiveness, related laws and regulations, and industry trends before entering the Myanmar market will greatly increase the success of your business.
FWP Research offers three types of survey services; BtoC – market-scale surveys, BtoB – competitive surveys, and social surveys – multifaceted surveys based on local climate, history, politics, economics, and cultural aspects.
Each one listens carefully to the information that the customer needs and collects.

Main industries in Myanmar

There are six major industries in Myanmar: agriculture, manufacturing, services, tourism, natural gas and mining. However, since Myanmar is still developing, there is ample room for development in other industries.

Service industry
Natural gas

Market research flow

Research experts provide high-quality results.
Please contact us for details such as applicable fields and costs.

  1. Close hearing
  2. Quotation
  3. Survey (around 2 weeks)
  4. Report the results
  5. Payment

Customer satisfaction

More than 85% of customers answered that they were very satisfied.


Please contact us for specific survey costs.

Depending on the field, the average is around 2 weeks.

We will conduct a detailed hearing in advance.

Hearing contents (example)

  • The field / industry you want to check
  • What businesses are you considering?
  • Which areas are you considering entering?

Please feel free to consult about anything