Zaw Win Shein

Zaw Win Shein - Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings

Zaw Win Shein

Birth:   15 November 1978
Source of wealth:  Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings

Type:   Private
Founded:   2006
Address:  No.1104, 1105, 1106, No 531, Yetakhon Tower, Kyee Myin Daing Tsp, YANGON
Business: Agricultural Business, Trading, Health Care, Production

Zaw Win Shein established Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings in 2006. The company offers agricultural product export/import, construction, trading and healthcare services nationwide and today is among Myanmar’s leading companies. Zaw Win Shein maintains close relations with local and foreign businessmen, forming business partnerships worldwide; and enjoys a close friendship with one of Myanmar’s most famous tycoons, Zaw Zaw.

“Myanmar is mainly focused on agricultural business: growth in Myanmar’s agriculture industry could have a direct role in alleviating and raising the incomes of rural people.”

Young magnate Zaw Win Shein is the Chairman of Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings, one of Myanmar’s most influential conglomerates. His adaptive father is brigadier general Soe Maung, who served in the Presidential Office of the former President Thein Sein Government. He left school at the age of 16 and entered the family business, working closely with his father and gained expertise in the agricultural industry. Later in 2002, he formed a partnership with business associates and started a construction business and aluminium fabrication business.

In 2006, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings was founded in Yangon and today it is among the most well-known firms in Myanmar’s economy. The group operates nationwide in importing and exporting of agricultural products, construction, trading, healthcare services and others.

The mission of Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings is to focus on and generate investment in Myanmar’s agricultural sector, which underpins the country’s economy. Provided the agricultural sector is improving, Zaw Win Shein believes that it brings benefits in the reduction of rural poverty and strengthening of the country’s economy.

Zaw Win Shein started up Khittayar Hinthar (Rice Specialised) in a location adjoining rural areas (home to 70 % of Myanmar’s population), from where he sought to develop Myanmar’s rice export industry. His rice specialised company became one of the biggest rice-exporting companies in Myanmar, annually exporting around 0.2 million metric tons to buyers in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Chia and across Africa.

In other agricultural investments, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings established a rubber plantation in 2010 and in the space of a few years, set up over 20,000 plantations in Ayeyarwady Region and Mon State. Myanmar rubber is mainly bought by China and after 2013, attracted buyers in South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. Following trends in the national economy, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings promoted Myanmar rubber to international standards. In

2014, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings collaborated with Thailand based rubber company, Sri Tang Agro industry and several unqualified Myanmar rubber producers, to extend to internationally new markets and produce with the latest techniques.

Under the leadership of Zaw Win Shein, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings instituted Ayeyarwady Farmer Development Bank for offering loans for farmers, rice millers, rice exporting entrepreneurs and for the development of rubber plantation, Hotels and Tours, breeding and construction. Ayeyarwady Farmer Development Bank is a public bank and seeks foreign investments to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Myanmar. Zaw Win Shein formed Ayeyarwady Development as a public company to support the industrial sector in creating Pathein Industrial City. In 2011, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings passed the tender for the constructions of hotels, offices, serviced departments and shopping mall in the area of Defence Services Museum, a popular place in Yangon.

With companies from Japan – including Fujita Corporation, Tokyo Totemono and Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation – Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings cooperated in transport and urban development and will complete a five-star hotel, Rose Hill Hotel, in 2020. The initial investment of the project is over US$ 300 million and – despite initial criticism due to its location near Jubilee Hall – investors hope the project will create many job opportunities in Myanmar.

Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings has also fulfilled the market requirements for aluminum, steel, UPSC pipes and glasses for buildings, by setting up aluminum industry to serve Myanmar’s high-rise building developments and increasingly sophisticated lifestyles.

As one of philanthropic activities, Zaw Win Shein is a major investor in Myanmar’s famous Victoria (Witoriya) General Hospital, now one of the leading hospitals in Yangon. He is also a lead motivator for Myanmar Sports development, working with the Chairman of Myanmar Football Federation, Zaw Zaw, to elevate the profile and professionalism of the football in Myanmar. He is also the Chairman of the Delta United Football Club, representing Ayeyarwady Region.

Zaw Win Shein has also supported education, through monastic schools and humanitarian care for children living in poverty, with daily nourishment and teaching. His conglomerate, Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings is among the top 50 in terms of income and commercial tax in the 2016-2017 fiscal year.