Dr. Win Myint

Dr. Win Myint - Myat Myittar Mon

Dr. Win Myint

Birth:   7 February 1960
Source of wealth: Myat Myittar Mon

Type:   Private
Founded:   2000
Address:  No.32-D, 32 Avenue, Pyay Rd, 11th Quarter, Hlaing Tsp, YANGON
Business:  Trading, Energy

Dr.Win Myint set up Myat Myittar Mon in 2000 and formed business partnerships with foreign companies. He currently serves as a secretary of the Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association, aiming for the development of fuel oil industry. He also served as a first time parliamentary representative, working for the economic development of Myanmar.

“Fuel oil import and distribution business is important for Myanmar and the global market is distributing fuel oil via pipelines which is the safest and low cost. If we adopt this method, there will be great benefits for both our country and people.”

Dr.Win Myint was born in Kun Chan Kone into a merchant family and is the eldest among four siblings. He finished high school in Kun Chan Kone and came to Yangon to continue his studies at Hlaing Regional College and Kyimyintdaing Regional College. He joined Yangon University of Medicine in 1980, graduating in 1986 before joining the Burma Military in 1990.

He studied anaesthesiology in 1992 and served in the military for two years. However, his doctor’s license was confiscated due to some issues with upper military officers. After that, he stepped into business industry. Coming from a merchant family, he was always interested in doing business and his wife was a main support in the transition. In Myanmar the 1990s are called the great business years, as many future businessmen started their business at that time.

Dr.Win Myint started his warehousing, good transportation and trading business, setting up a rice warehouse in Bayint Naung Warehouse truck parking area. Some small rice shops in Yangon bought their supplies from Dr.Win Myint on a wholesale basis. Later, he distributed rice from Ayeyarwaddy and Bago to Mandalay, Myin Chan and Meiktila. He did not face much difficulty because of the connections from his wife’s parents, both rice traders, and gained a good reputation in business industry. After he gained moderate success in rice export, Dr.Win Myint started palm oil import. Meanwhile, his wife started fuel import and hence his business expanded into fuel import and distribution sector. At that time, only big enterprises who have close relationship with the government were granted permits to import and distribute fuel in the local market, while others had to purchase from these enterprises and redistribute in their areas. Later, government made fuel import and distribution licenses available to anyone – a big turning point in Myanmar’s fuel sector.

Dr.Win Myint established family-owned company Myat Myittar Mon in 2000. The company operates with over 500 employees and specialises in fuel import and distribution to their fuel and gas stations in Myanmar. He set up the Myat Myittar Mon Petroleum Terminal in Thilawa harbor, the largest in Myanmar. Myat Myittar Mon is a business partner with companies from Singapore and China oil companies, and a sub-contract partner with BP and Shell. He is working as the Managing Director of Myat Myittar Mon and apart from fuel, the company also exports bean and maize to foreign markets.

Dr.Win Myint also serves as a secretary of Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association. This association maintains the balance between local companies and consumers, mitigating financial losses and unreasonably high pricing by keeping track of local and neighboring countries’ fuel oil prices. It also focuses on building fuel laboratories to strengthen quality control. Dr.Win Myint acts as an advisor between the association and related ministry offices regarding regulatory changes, high quality control, fair pricing and accurate unit measurements.

Dr. Win Myint has made great efforts to create a high efficiency market economy and a fuel oil distribution environment where everyone can participate. Although there were monopolistic practices in ASEAN fuel oil distribution sector, the Myanmar Fuel Oil Importers and Distribu¬tors Association has succeeded in preventing monopolies from taking control of the sector. They also have plans to build a Yangon-Mandalay fuel pipeline. In doing so, fuel distribution becomes smoother and market price can be maintained as there are no additional costs for fuel transportation.

Dr.Win Myint is a member of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and was elected as a parliamentary representative in the 2010 general election. He worked in the Economic and Trade Development Committee and the Public Account Committee (PAC) under the guidance of Thura Shwe Mann (former Lower House speaker). The committee’s missions are to protect consumers from monopolistic acts of big enterprises and individual power holders and to support the development of Myanmar’s economy. He changed tax laws to gain more tax for the government and worked hard for an effective Public Financial Management system. Furthermore, he participated in amending necessary laws as a member of Legal Affairs and Special Cases Assessment Commission. During his international trips as a parliamentary representative, he has enthusiastically invited foreign investments and encouraged world-class technologies to make business expansion in Myanmar.

Dr.Win Myint is married to Khaing Khiang Oo, who is the Managing Director of Myat Myittar Mon. They have four children, each of them working at Myat Myittar Mon as directors. Dr.Win Myint has expanded his business into the jewellery sector with Myat Myittar Mon Gems & Jewellery, where he serves as a director.