Tint Hsan

Tint Hsan - A.C.E Group

Tint Hsan

Birth:  14 September 1956
Source of wealth:  A.C.E Group

Type:   Private
Founded:   1988
Address:  A.C.E Tower No. 5/8, Shwe Thitsar Rd, DekkhinaThiri Tsp, NAPYITAW
Business: Construction, Real Estate and Development, Hotel and Tourism, Machinery, Properties Sales and Marketing, Consultant Engineering

Tint Hsan established A.C.E Group of Companies in 1988 and serves as the group President. He is also the former Union Minister of Sport. A.C.E group has expanded into various industries, including Construction, Real Estate and Development, Hotel and Tourism, Machinery, Property Sale and Marketing and Consulting Engineering. A.C.E Construction, Myanmar Businet Development, A.C.E Hotels and Tourism, A.C.E Machinery Group, Atop Consultant Engineering and Bawga Theidhi Group are the subsidiaries of A.C.E groups.

“We are though constantly open to new opportunities and are happy to work with new partners and investors, to help them grow be successful, so contributing to the success of the economy and the development of Myanmar.”

Tint Hsan, born on 14 September 1956, is the Senior President of A.C.E Group of Companies. He won a general election 2010, serving as parliamentary representative of Myaungmya Township, later assigned as the Union Minister of Sports in the government led by the former President Thein Sein. As the Minister, he hosted the 2013 ASEAN Sea Games and 2014 ASEAN Para Games.

A.C.E Group of Companies, owned by Tint Hsan, consists of A.C.E Construction, Myanmar Businet Development, A.C.E Hotel and Tourism, A.C.E Machinery Group, Atop Consultant Engineering and Baega Theidhi Group, specialising in Construction, Tourism, Hotels, Trading, Media and other business sectors.

Tint Hsan founded A.C.E Construction in 1988 in Pathein Township with over 200 skilled engineers and over 1,000 skilled labourers. Tint Hsan holds a Degree in Professional Engineering and ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineering, executing A.C.E Construction, one of the best-qualified construction companies in Myanmar. Their wellknown projects include the Naypyitaw Parliament Building, Paung Laung Stadium in Pyinmana, the National Museum, Tha Pyay Kone residential compound for government staff, Naypyitaw Myoma market and numerous apartments in Dekkhina Thiri Township. A.C.E has also implemented the Grand Military Review Parade Building in 2014 and the Ministry of Construction Building during the period of 2004 to 2006. Educational infrastructures such as the Engineering University, University of Medicine, University of Traditional Medicine-Mandalay in 2001, Sedona Hotel and Thamada Hotel are among their other famous projects and they also worked for the renovation of Karaweik Hall.

Myanmar Businet Development was founded in Naypyitaw in 2014 and focused mainly on construction projects, real estate and hotels. A.C.E Hotels and Tourism stepped into the hotel business in 2008. In December 2013, Royal A.C.E Hotel was opened in Naypyitaw and Grand A.C.E Hotel is also operated under A.C.E Hotels and Tourism group. Today there are ten hotel businesses under the management of A.C.E Hotels and Tourism.

Bawga Theiddhi Group was set up in 2006 and became a subsidiary of A.C.E group in 2016. It specialises in foodstuff, hotels, health cares, cinemas and international franchises. Bawga Theiddhi hotels can be seen in Bagan and Kyike Htee Yoe. Bawga Theiddhi Restaurant and Catering was founded in 2009 in Naypyitaw. Bawga Theiddhi Hospital was set up in Naypyitaw to help with medical needs. Bawga Theddhi group is also running successful international franchises such as Global Art Myanmar, Pasta Mania and Mega A.C.E Cineplex.

Atop Consultant Engineering was established in 2012 and has handled many construction projects in Naypyitaw, Yangon, Myaungmya and other regions, which mainly consist of religious edifices, government offices and housing.

Under the management of Tint Hsan, A.C.E Group of Companies has grown into a successful group over three decades, forming business alliance with both local and international partners. The group has a headquartered in Naypyitaw and Tint Hsan manages all subsidiaries from there. Tint Hsan is also active in Corporate Social Responsibility, contributing in Myanmar’s religious, educational, health and welfare development.