Hla Maung Shwe

Hla Maung Shwe-Pyae Phyo Kyaw Trading / Shwe Family Trading

Hla Maung Shwe

Birth:  29 February 1956
Source of wealth:  Pyae Phyo Kyaw Trading / Shwe Family Trading

Type:   Private
Founded:   1999
Address:  No 42/44, Kyun Taw St, Sanchaung Tsp, YANGON
Business: Trading, Construction, Hotels

Hla Maung Shwe set up Pyae Phyo Kyaw Trading and Shwe Family Trading in 1999, working in the Trading, Construction and Hotel industries. He is also a member of numerous associations and has long worked with the government for the peace of Myanmar.

“Foreign investors should take Myanmar into consideration because Myanmar has lots of potential opportunities when the domestic conflicts are solved in the future.”

Hla Maung Shwe is the Managing Director of Pyae Phyo Kyaw Trading and Shwe Family Trading. His homeland is Phyu Township of Bago Region. The eldest son among four siblings, his father’s duties as a militaryofficial placed him in Myanmar’s militaryenvironment from an early age, routinelymoving to different parts of the country.

In 1974, he attended Yangon Universitymajoring in Chemistry and graduating witha general Degree in Science in 1978. Although he was born into military family, hedid not wish to pursue a military career (unlike his brother, who is a military official)and instead sought the path of entrepreneurship.

He married in 1978 and then initiated hisbusiness producing evaporated milk, handwoven enterprise and a gold and jewellery shop at Thazi Township in Middle Myanmar. Over a decade, his career prospectsentirely improved.

Under the military government in 1988,he entered into National League of Democracy Party (NLD) and vigorously contributed to the democratization process of Myanmar. When Aung San Su Kyi was awardedthe Peace Nobel Price, he sent an honorableletter to his leader. Afterwards, Hla MaungShwe and his acquaintances were arrestedfor political issues and sentenced to servetime in Meiktila prison. He was released in1992 and decided to settle his career in Yangon again. Infiltrating into the car importingmarket (successful at that time), Pyae PhyoKyaw traded used vehicles from Japan andstood at the top of companies in that field.Later, working with Myanmar capitalists Htay Myint (Yuzana) and Win Aung, he established the fish, shrimp farming and hotelsconstruction interests. He also went into thehotel services industry, developing the infrastructures of Silver View Hotel in NgweSaung Beach and Cherry Hill Hotel in Yangon.

His company passed the tenders andimplemented the infrastructure projects ofHousing Apartments, Cyclone ResistantBuildings and ministerial buildings. In 1998,he joined the Myanmar Fisheries Federationand encouraged the freshwater and seawaterfishing efforts. Since 2016, he has organizedseminars and talk shows with professionalsfor the acknowledgement of young people,every two weeks. Meanwhile, the government has strictly controlled the literary talks.

In 2014, he became a vice-president atMyanmar Fishery Federation and also afounder of Myanmar Shrimp Association tostrengthen the shrimp and prawn sector. Healso assisted as chairman of Myanmar Hotelier Association (Ngwe Saung Zone). Heparticipated in the launching of MyanmarRice Federation in 2009 and the associationbroke the exporting record in 2017-2018 under the guidelines of Chit Khine, Presidentof Myanmar Rice Federation.

Hla Maung Shwe maintained a close friendship with Thura Shwe Mann, a military high-rank official, a present chairmanof Union Parliament, the Legal Affairs andSpecial Cases Assessment Commission anda prominent figure in Myanmar Politics. When Cyclone Nargis hit in 2008, he collaborated with the sons of Thura Shwe Mannwith the aim of getting sufficient fuel intothe country, but did not profit from it.

He currently serves as a vice-president ofUnion of Myanmar Federation of Chambersof Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) forthe 2017-2020 term. With a firm belief inteam works and cooperative spirit, he neverforgets the role of the younger generationsin building future Myanmar.

To raise the capacity of young people, develop human resources, nurture outstandingyouths and support the democracy transition, Hla Maung Shwe instituted MyanmarEgress School together with media migrant Nay Win Maung (Living Color Media). As athink tank, Myanmar Egress School arranges teaching courses for public participationin democratization and community-basededucation.

Since the previous government, he legallyworks for a nationwide ceasefire and national reconciliation with the hope to bringPeace to the 70 years-long civil war in thecountry. In 2011, he served as a peace adviser at the Myanmar Peace Center, a memberof the government’s Socio-economic Working Committee and attended meetings on thetasks of ethnic armed groups and peacemaking. In 2015, he became a secretariat member at Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) and continues to work underthe present National League of Democracy(NLD) government.