Ko Ko Htwe

Ko Ko Htwe - Taw Win Family Group

Ko Ko Htwe

Birth:   24 October 1954
Source of wealth:  Taw Win Family Group

Type:   Private
Founded:   1986
Address:  Taw Win Center (3rd Fl), No.45, Pyay Rd, Dagon Tsp, YANGON
Business:  Construction, Hotel and Tourism, Shopping Mall

Taw Win Construction was established in 1986 as a family-owned business, at a time when there was a great change in Myanmar economy due to the adoption of State Law and Order Recognition Council on business disclosure. Ko Ko Htwe founded Taw Win Family Group and is involved in Hotel and Tourism, Shopping Malls and Construction sectors.

“Instead of focusing on Myanmar’s Tourism Sector, Taw Win is building civil hotels and shopping malls across the country. There is currently an under-supply of hotels in Yangon and Taw Win looks forward to playing a greater role in filling gaps.”

Ko Ko Htwe is known as Taw Win Ko KoHtwe in the construction industry. His largedonations can be seen in many places ofMyanmar, raising his profile as a generousvolunteer.

Ko Ko Htwe is the fourth son in his family and grew up in Yangon. Although froma poor family, his parents managed to sendhim to school and their situation made himdetermined from an early age to become successful. He started doing small businessesat the age of 13, saving extra money for hiseducation. Although everyone in his familyfinished university, he studied only up tothe first year (even though he was qualifiedto attend Rangoon Institute of Technology)before setting foot into the business industry. Beginning in car sales, express bus service,plastic manufacturing and poultry he later setup a construction company under the name Taw Win. By 2017, he had recorded businesssuccess over 50 years’ experience.

When he started his business, the Myanmar government was promulgating SocialistEconomy Policy and private businesses werenot widely appreciated. Most of the businesses were being operated by the government as State Owned Enterprises. In 1977,Ko Ko Htwe was married to Aye Aye Than. Their Taw Win Construction was establishedin 1986 as a family-owned business, duringa time of great change in the Myanmar economy, with the adoption of State Law andOrder Recognition Council focusing on business disclosure. As a family-owned group, itsBoard of Directors mainly comprises familymembers, i.e. Ko Ko Htwe (Chairman), AyeAye Than (wife), Wityi Htwe and Thiri Htwe(daughters). Building on their success, KoKo Htwe founded Taw Win Family Group and became active in the Hotel and Tourism,Shopping Malls and Construction sectors.

Currently, the group is focused on thetourism sector and has been building manyhotels and shopping malls nationwide. Theirwell-known hotel projects include MandalayNovotel and a four-star Hotel Complex inYangon. Other iconic projects by the TawWin Family group include YadanaponeSwimming Pool, Thiri Mingalar HousingComplex, Affordable Housing Units ThiriYeik Thar 1, 2 and Kwal Sel Kan Parkinglots in Mandalay, Mahar Myaing Housingin North Dagon Myo Thit, Muditar 1 and 2complexes, Thiri Yeikthar Condominium,Thiri Yeikthar Housing Complex and TawWin Shopping Center in Yangon.

Living in a rented house during childhood,Ko Ko Htwe can readily empathise withthose who cannot afford a house. To reducethese difficulties, he has been implementinglow cost housing projects since 1995, building over 6,000 units to date with plans for afurther 50,000. In a tight land market, Ko KoHtwe hopes that the Myanmar governmentwill allot land to Taw Win Family wherethey can implement more low-cost housingprojects. Ko Ko Htwe aspires to complete300,000 low-cost housing units during the remainder of his lifetime.

Ko Ko Htwe set up War Tayar Woodproduct factory in 1998 to supply the timbermaterials for the construction business. WarTayar manufactures doors, parquet floors,decorative materials and distributes bothlocally and internationally. Foreign distribution channels include ASEAN, Japan, SouthKorea and Europe.

Today, Taw Win Family is a group of over3,000 employees. For the development ofhis company and employees, Ko Ko Htweensures continuous training for employees,gaining new technologies, planning entrepreneurship, architectural drawing, makingcompany-owned M&E drawings and manufacturing mechanical tools. Knowing thatemployee motivation is an important factorfor the success of the company, salaries arelinked to profit rates, with support for healthcare and awards for employees based ontheir performances.

The company built 5,000 low-cost-housing units for 2008 Cyclone Nargis victims. Ko Ko Htwe regularly donates school facilities and classroom materials, health care facilities and furniture and philanthropic activities for those in need; and has founded TawWin Foundation to boost his donations. Hedonated K1,000 million for Union Enterpriseof Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlementand Development (UEHRD) in Rakhine.

Taw Win Family is also active in manyreligious and volunteer activities, donatingand supporting disaster areas, orphanagesand religious organisations. Taw Win KoKo Htwe also hosted a Literature Contestto further improve Myanmar literature. Hereceived Community Leader Award in 2012,Best Creator Award in 2013 Myanmar International Machinery Exhibition, HonoraryFellow Award in 2014 and Myanmar Engineering Society, Honorary Fellow Awardfrom ASEAN Federation of EngineeringOrganisation. His wife was honored as ThiriThudhama Theingi.

Currently, Ko Ko Htwe is serving as a patron, President, vice-president, CEC, generalexecutive, honorary member and a memberof 22 associations including Union MyanmarFederation of Chamber of Commerce andIndustry (UMFCCI). Taw Win Family Construction paid under K1,000 million tax for2016-2017 fiscal year and stood 136th in top1,000 commercial tax-payers ranking.